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The staff of Hope Associates is recognized around the world for nonprofit and fundraising expertise.

A recent review of resources where our expertise has been recently cited turned up references in Germany, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Korea, Italy, England, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland, New Zealand and Taiwan.

In the US, we are pleased to have our work referenced by publications of the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, HUD - the Department of Housing and Urban Associates, NEA - National Endowment for the Arts, the World Bank and leading nonprofits including the Smithsonian Institute, the National Council of Nonprofit Associations, the Foundation Center, and Independent Sector.

Our expertise also has been cited by leading institutes of higher education including Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University, University of Richmond, University of North Carolina, University of Missouri, University of Iowa, University of Oregon, the University of Michigan, Stanford and many more.

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