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Innovative Services

Small Nonprofit Services - Often An Affordable Investment

Letter Writing / Communications - Our professional writers can prepare appeal letters for your communications needs. If the core of your fundraising project is direct mail, you can benefit from the vast fundraising communications experience of our executives. Let us help you with a single letter or a fully coordinated campaign production including data management, printing and mailing services at maximum postal discounts. Contact us for a quote or information.

Virtual Staffing - Compared to the cost of even part-time staff, our virtual staffing solution may be right for your organization. To fill the gap between no fundraising staff and a paid position, we can help smaller nonprofits with cost effective fundraising help. Also, we can fill temporary staffing problems if fundraising staff leaves before an important project is completed or you suddenly have a fundraising problem beyond the ability of your professional resources. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Virtual Office Management - Our development office management provides supervision of all your fundraising activity. For many organizations, it is a way to have a highly experienced professional available to assist onsite staff. This is supervisory counsel only for the operations of development activity, not for personnel supervision. It is a service to assure that your initiatives are on target and that your approach to raising funds is as effective as possible. For more information, please contact us.

Professional Mentoring -  This service is provided to individuals involved in fundraising careers who wish to have an experienced professional available for questions and fundraising counsel. Through email and phone communications, an experienced consultant can provide support to help you succeed in your career and for your nonprofit. This service is available by monthly subscription and can be used discreetly for professional growth or with the full knowledge of your organization - then they can pay for it!  Contact us for email only rates, or rates for email and phone support.

eStewardship™ - Communications Technology

The guiding principle in philanthropic fundraising is stewardship, defined as 1) the means by which an institution exercises accountability in the use of contributed resources and 2) a process of communications to donors and prospects through which an organization seeks to be worthy of future support.

eStewardship, then, is utilizing technology advancements to efficiently and effectively accomplish much of the activity described above. Through our own services and through strategic provider services, we offer:

  • Online Campaign Management
  • Online Surveys
  • Web Consulting, Design and Hosting
  • Email Marketing, newsletters and list management
  • Data Management
  • Database Consulting
  • Prospect Research

Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Treasure Builder®

Treasure Builder products and services have been designed for our religious-based clients, particularly churches and dioceses. Treasure Builder focuses on the financial aspect of faith-based stewardship with additional emphasis on time and talent education.

Treasure Builder Church Campaign Systems

The objective of any church-based fundraising campaign is not the collection of money. Money is a means to provide ministries whether through building facilities for worship and education or funding programs and community outreach. Treasure Builder campaigns are designed to maximize financial giving while keeping the focus of publicity clearly on the message of faith and a ministry of service. Treasure Builder Campaigns utilize proven fundraising techniques but are managed through technology that allows staff, volunteers and donors to keep up-to-date with activity anytime they are interested in reviewing campaign goals, objectives or information. This access to information keeps your constituency informed and aware so that your project is an open book which encourages their participation as workers, donors or activists.

Dimensional™ Nonprofit Management Services
The 5 Dimensions of Creating Success in Advancing a Mission of Service

The basis of success is research. What does your organization do well? What needs improvement? What is the depth of your human assets inclduding staff and volunteers and whom do you need to add ? Who are your funding prospects? What do they support and what is their capacity to give? Planning and feasibility studies are essential tools.

You’ve done the research; you have the data. But how will you use it to get to your goals? Initial planning will get you started but those plans must be flexible to adapt to the curves certain to come your way as you work through implementation.

Who is going to convert a static plan into a fluid program of achievement? Do you have the capacity in-house or do you need to add expertise? We can help.

Nothing is more important to renewing and expanding your mission than good stewardship of assets including generous donors, loyal employees and key volunteers. Taking care of the people who take care of you will assure they remain involved and invested in your work.

A successful campaign or program launch can be a catalyst to exponential growth in development and the advancement of your mission. Capital donors, volunteers and staff have made an investment and if they see a return on that investment they are likely to become an even larger part of your future success.

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